Nutrition in City Ecosystems project

Gaelle Bigler

The peer-learning in Switzerland aims at strengthening the competencies about urban food system, at fostering the knowledge of the participants about agroecology as a pathway to transform the urban food system towards sustainability, and strengthen the relationships among the six secondary cities that are part of the NICE Project, with the NICE consortium members that are located in Switzerland, with selected Swiss cities and cities working on sustainable food systems in collaboration with Swiss partner organizations.
During the week, participants from NICE cities should learn to share their experiences in designing and implementing interventions that improve the nutrition of vulnerable groups, women, and youth through supplying nutritious and agroecologically produced food . Experts and participants from Zürich, Geneva, and other cities are invited to join certain participatory sessions, to share experiences and learnings.

Territoire(s) concerné(s)
Urbanisme / Habiter